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Slater Electrical has been providing unparalleled customer service and satisfaction for over a decade. Located in Sidney, British Columbia, we are proud to be industry leaders in servicing Southern Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands.

We take every opportunity to continue to forge strong bonds with our community and those that we work with. Our commitment to ongoing education and training of our staff ensures that we can help our clients meet their specific challenges to their satisfaction. Staying current in an ever-changing technological world guarantees our commitment to a total service package and assures our clients of access to the latest and greatest in electrical and lighting solutions.


Our team is ready to work with you or your designer. From 650 sq. ft. cottages to custom estates over 10,000 sq. ft. it is our goal to ensure that all of your electrical requirements and lighting needs are met, by providing solutions to your electrical challenges. We have the resources to fulfill both your present and future needs.


Slater Electrical has been an integral part of a wide variety of commercial projects including Hotels, Marinas, Strip Malls, etc. If you are renovating your space or are a contractor developing a new site, we offer a total service package and are happy to help with all of your electrical needs.

Home Automation

The "West Coast" open-look design is bright and airy, taking advantage of the beautiful but sometimes leaving little wall space for things like thermostats, switches, security keypads, intercoms, volume controls, etc. These features can be combined into one integrated keypad allowing you to take advantage of your view without giving up on the electrical conveniences that you desire.

Service / Maintenance

We service damaged equipment and can provide routine maintenance of items such as generators, and walk in coolers, and other small jobs including yard lighting, security lighting, hot tub installation, power for outdoor heat pumps, carbon monoxide detectors, etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I save money on my Hydro bill?
Dimming a regular incandescent bulb by 15% can reduce your energy consumption by the same 15%. In most of Canada that can mean as much as $63.50 a year, while at the same time tripling the expected life of your lamp.

Other energy saving devices like timers and proximity switches to turn off lights when they are not being used, and programmable thermostats to reduce furnace run time are also available.
Why don’t my compact fluorescent lights last as long as they should?
Some electronic timers and photocells contain parts that are incompatible with compact fluorescent light bulbs; using these bulbs in incompatible products will result in a shorter light bulb life. To find out if an electronic timer or photocell is compatible with compact fluorescent bulbs, check with the manufacturer of the timer or photocell.

Also using compact fluorescents in recessed lighting exposes the ballast to more heat than they are designed for, reducing lamp life.

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We are located in Sidney, serving clients on Vancouver Island. We’re in the office most mornings. Please call ahead if you intend to drop in, as our schedule is flexible to the needs of our customers.

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